Simplify Asset & Plant maintenance at your industry.

CarbonSalt is an easy & convenient web & mobile app to help your maintenance team become faster & more effective.

Modern tools to simplify Plant & Asset maintenance

Paper free.  Mobile.  Easy-to-use.

Conveniently manage maintenance activities of all assets

Schedule, assign & monitor periodic checklists with automatic alerts and delay escalations.

Record issues instantly. In any asset. By anyone.

Create, assign, plan, track & execute work orders to resolve issues at an early stage.

Easy access to Asset information at your fingertips

Track maintenance costs at asset level & plan budget allocation.

One-click access to lifetime maintenance history of all assets.

Audit reports, AMCs, Installation & Service Manuals - all at one place.

Need more features?

Spares & Supplies - Inventory

Track inventory levels & Usage logs of all spares. Get reorder alerts at min. stock to avoid delays.

Team planning & Work scheduling

Assign work orders to the right technicians. Smartly manage time to avoid chaos, delays & downtimes.

Pre-built & Custom reports

Pick from our collection of pre-built reports for review meetings. Need an urgent custom report? We can help!

Everything you need to power up your Maintenance.
A package of powerful tools to empower your maintenance team.

Periodic Checklists
Issue Logging
Work Order Planning
Spares & Supplies tracking
Video/ Audio Upload
Calendar Scheduling
Team Activity Log
Asset-wise Cost Accounting
Asset Documents
Asset Maintenance History
Automatic Alerts & Escallations
Email & Phone Support

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Preventive Maintenance

Schedule & Monitor routine checklists to stay in control of PM. Automatic status alerts & escallations help in easy tracking.

Reactive Maintenance

Anyone, Anywhere on the shop floor can log issues. Stay informed of upcoming service jobs to plan technicians & spares.

Asset Service History &
Document Storage

Handy access to lifetime maintenance history of all assets and important documents.